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Massive growth in online and electronic transfers show Canadians embracing modern payments

The recently released Canadian Payment Methods and Trends report by Payments Canada shows Canadians are embracing digital payments like never before.

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Credit unions in Canada: A history (and present) of financial innovation

Credit unions play a vital role in helping people around the world realize their hopes, dreams and needs through people-first financial and lending services.

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Cybersecurity and payments: How modern payment systems can prevent a crippling cyberattack

The intersection of modernized payments and cybersecurity highlights the importance of safeguarding our financial transactions in this digital age.

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PPJV and Project PROTECT: Preventing human trafficking through anti-money laundering

By creating roadblocks against money laundering, payments providers can play a vital role in deterring human trafficking.

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When payments modernization meets legacy banking systems

The need to integrate legacy banking systems with modern payments platforms presents challenges we have no choice but to solve.

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Payments 101: What is PaaS?

PaaS stands for Payments-as-a-Service: it’s a great solution for small- to medium-sized financial institutions looking for a cost-effective pathway to payments modernization.

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Preparing credit unions for real-time rail in Canada

Demand for real-time rail (RTR) continues to increase in Canada and around the world. What can product leaders do now to ready their organizations for RTR and leverage its advantages?

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Why Canada needs real-time payments

Real-time payments are rapidly evolving around the world. Some countries have made great strides with real-time payments efforts. Learn where Canada stands and how Canada’s AFT system stacks up.

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What you need to know about e-Transfer and Autodeposit fraud

Autodeposit and e-Transfer fraud are prevalent. Find out how you can combat Autodeposit fraud and how to avoid problematic situations.

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